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  • Ashley Herron

Oh, Hello Gorgeous

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to my first post.

Blogging...Its not my first time, but hoping it will be more successful than the last. Much like my life, my blog(s) have showcased all my various and exciting adventures, yet I haven't been able to find 'my voice' when it comes to them. So they've never truly come to fruition. However, over the past few years, there has been one constant theme I continue to come back to or try to promote passionately. Okay, probably a couple more than that.. but female empowerment has been something that I have advocated for for years. I do it through fitness, fashion, futbol mama life and philanthropy. So thats what I want to accomplish here.

Society tries to tell me (scratch that,..society tries to depict standards for all), as a female, what I should or should not be doing certain things at this point in my life. I refuse to let society define my life. I refuse to do, or not do, things because it isn't the norm. What you see on this blog will be experiences that I wanted to have, had the opportunity to have, or wish I never had and why. I hope to shed some light on things I don't think you should miss out on, make you aware of fun things that you could try someday, and to encourage you that you can pursue what you want, as you should support others as well. Be happy, be fearless, and be empowering - it's what makes you gorgeous.

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